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As a general rule of thumb, when choosing a makeup brush it is best to match the brush bristles to the type of product you wish to apply using it. Synthetic brushes work best with cream and liquid products - foundations, concealers, blushes or highlighters. Natural-hair brushes work best with pressed and loose powder products - eyeshadows, setting powders, bronzers or blushes and highlighters.

The quality of the natural hair fibers we use to make our brushes is extremely important to us. Goat hair typically used to make makeup brushes varies greatly in quality from one supplier to the next but our brushes are only made from the finest quality goat hair. Applying makeup using our brushes is an enjoyable and relaxing experience because our brushes are very soft to the touch and will never scratch your or your clients’ skin. Keep in mind though, that certain types of makeup brushes are better at applying particular products than others and often, in order to achieve the look you want, you need to choose the right brush in terms of shape, size and bristle density and flexibility. Your liquid foundation will look flawless if you apply it using a dense synthetic brush, whereas applying it with a fluffy natural-hair brush is likely to give it a patchy appearance through no fault of the brush itself. That said, if you have very sensitive, delicate skin, you might want to choose brushes described on our site as highly flexible.Keep in mind though that very flexible brushes have a lot of give to them and do not pick up a lot of product, resulting in a very subtle finish to your makeup. To make sure your brushes serve you well and last a long time, make sure to take good care of them in terms of properly cleaning and storing them. We have a detailed guide that explains how to care for your brushes and we strongly encourage you to read it.

Shedding is not really an issue in our brushes, but nonetheless may occur the very first time you use or clean your Hakuro brushes, particularly in the case of the natural-hair ones. In fact, most natural-hair brushes shed the odd hair or two when you first use them because natural hair is not consistent in its structure - every bundle of natural hair fibers that will be used to make a brush is likely to contain a few hairs that are shorter than the others and once the brush head is formed and glued to the ferrule, these shorter hairs may may end up not being glued to the rest of the brush hairs and are likely fall out at some point. To reduce shedding to a minimum, we comb our brushes by hand after they have been assembled. This is a time-consuming process and despite our dedication to it, we might not be able to comb out every stray hair and you may find your natural-hair brushes may shed some hairs the first few times you use or clean them. We realize this is a nuisance but we can assure you that this light shedding is normal and transient so you need not worry about this in the least.

We have a whole section on our site dedicated to proper care and handling of our brushes, we strongly encourage you to read it and take it to heart. We go into a lot of detail explaining how the different ways of cleaning your natural-hair brushes affect their bristles and we also give detailed instructions on washing and drying them correctly to prevent them from fluffing out too much, losing their shape or functionality.

You can find your local Hakuro retailer here.

We tested out many different forms of packaging before we settled on the one we currently use. We were determined to develop environmentally sustainable packaging that would also fully protect our brushes from any damage that might occur during transport. To meet these criteria, we designed rigid cardboard containers with a unique insert that holds the brush firmly in place, preventing it from touching the sides of the box from the moment we pack it to the moment it arrives at its final destination. It is our goal to limit the use of plastic to zero or the bare minimum. Therefore, all our packaging, as well as labels and tapes,are plastic-free and we use plastic only as a last resort if it cannot be replaced with any other material. You can see for yourself how we pack and transport our brushes here.

Right now we have three different brush series on offer - H,J,K. Each series was designed to meet the needs of different users. The H series is our original series and one that has seen continuous improvements over the last decade. The H series consists of 28 classic brush models - basically all the brushes you would ever need to create any look whether you are going for a natural everyday day look or the most graphic evening look. Our H series features classic black handles and high quality synthetic and natural-hair bristles. The H series is designed for users who are just getting into makeup and/or those who have a signature makeup look they do day in and day out and are not looking to mix things up or try new makeup techniques. The H series is also perfect for those who are in the market to buy their first ever set of high quality makeup brushes.

We created the K series for those who like to experiment with makeup. The K series consists of 15 models of brushes, some of which are uniquely shaped.This series of brushes lets you experiment with makeup and try out /perfect new techniques. We decided to add a splash of colour to this series and made the brush handles turquoise. The K series is perfect for young makeup enthusiasts who enjoy playing with makeup.

The J series is dedicated to professional makeup artists and makeup geeks. The J series consists of 37 different models of brushes to give artists full control over their makeup products and the finish they wish to achieve on the skin. Our J brushes are made using extraordinarily soft Japanese natural hair of appropriate elasticity. The series also includes one brush model that is made from synthetic fibers that closely resemble the parameters of natural goat hair. The J series features two types of brush handles - standard long ones and short ones. The long brush handles were designed with makeup artists in mind as they are more convenient when you are applying makeup to another person. The short, barrel-shaped handles meet the needs of those who apply their makeup in front of a mirror.

A few reasons come to mind. You may be using the wrong type of eye brush shape-wise or bristle-wise. Or you could be using old eyeshadows with a hardened, shiny film overtop that results in poor color payoff. To get the best colour payoff from your eyeshadows, be sure to use compact, densely-packed eye brushes. For loose or pressed powder eyeshadows use a natural-hair eye brush for maximum colour impact. Using a slightly damp brush when applying eyeshadow to the lid or the lower lash line is a foolproof way to make your eyeshadows pop - for the best results lightly mist your eye brush with thermal water or a face mist (suitable for use around the eyes) before dipping it into your eyeshadow pan.

Yes, we do carry out custom private label orders. Please send such inquiries to

In the case of skin prone to breakouts it is important to use makeup tools that will not aggravate the skin and to clean them regularly to prevent bacteria build-up. This is particularly important when it comes to face brushes, especially if you use them on areas of your face where you typically break out. Blemish-prone skin tends to produce excess sebum, which can easily be transferred to the bristles of your makeup brushes. Therefore, if your skin is blemish-prone it is important to clean and disinfect your brushes more often than you would if your skin was less oily in order to avoid bacteria build-up that could lead to more breakouts. With this in mind, it may be a better idea to opt for our synthetic brushes because they withstand regular cleaning and disinfecting much better than our natural-hair brushes. We have a whole section on our site dedicated to proper care and handling of our brushes and we strongly encourage you to read it.

As somebody who suffers from allergies, you probably already know that natural materials are much more likely to cause allergic reactions than synthetic materials. We have no doubts that our super-soft natural-hair brushes will not irritate Your sensitive skin but we cannot rule out the possibility of You developing an allergic reaction to any of the natural hair we use to make our natural-hair brushes. Therefore, if you decide to purchase any of our natural-hair brushes, be sure to choose those which are high in ‘firmness’ as these bend easily and will not exert excessive pressure on the skin, something that should be avoided in sensitive, and/or allergy-prone skin.

Yes and No. If a makeup brush sheds excessively and the shedding does not stop after you have used it a good couple of times then it might be poorly made. However, shedding may occur for a different reason and is completely normal. We go into detail about this here

True and False. It is important to note that the term ‘firm’ should not be conflated with ‘prickly’ or ‘scratchy’. Firmness is a parameter which tells us how flexible the brush head of a makeup brush is and how long it will maintain its shape when we press it against our skin. Therefore, brushes that are described as firm will simply maintain their shape even when you apply substantial pressure to them, making them perfect for tasks such as smudging eye pencil along the lash line. Bottom line, brushes which are described as firm may not feel as pleasant against the skin as those which are not firm. Nonetheless, their firmness serves an important purpose and allows them to serve their function as excellent smudging brushes for the eyes or superb foundation brushes for example.

This is a myth. Synthetic bristles do not typically feel ‘scratchy’ to the touch. If a synthetic brush has the right parameters - the bristles are of appropriate thickness and the brush is profiled well - it will feel pleasant against your skin. In fact, natural hair bristles are more likely to feel prickly to the touch, particularly if the fibers are of inferior quality or the brush head is shaped by trimming the bristles instead of gathering and arranging them into a given shape by hand. Our brushes are hand-made with the use of specially designed brush head forms and any bristles that do not meet our rigorous criteria are discarded.

Both true and false. We have a article dedicated to proper care and handling of our brushes and we strongly encourage you to read it.

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